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New whistleblower platform


On the basis of the German Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG), an internal whistleblower system has been set up for the area of responsibility of Pühl GmbH & Co KG, Plettenberg.

In this whistleblower system, you can quickly and easily report concerns about misconduct that affects Pühl or the well-being of employees and third parties.


Please bear in mind:

The whistleblower system may not be used to make false accusations and knowingly reporting false information is prohibited.



Submit a report: puehl.integrityline.com



We encourage you to include your name in the report.

Regardless of this, you can create a secure mailbox to enable further protected communication, i.e. submit the report anonymously.

In this case, please make a note of the “case ID” and assign a password.


All reports are strictly confidential. Further information on this can be found under the menu item “Data protection policy (whistleblower policy)”